Helix Engineering Tools - Acme Screw Application Data Form

Acme Screw Application Data Form

Please complete the form below with details regarding your application. Fields that have a red background are required. Please be as detailed as possible and feel free to upload a document or documents relating to your application.


Total Maximum Dynamic Axial Load on Acme Screw:  pounds force
Total Maximum Static Axial Load on Acme Screw:   pounds force


Orientation:   Vertical     Horizontal

Travel Rate

Optimal Speed:   inches/minute
Minimum Acceptable Speed:   inches/minute
Maximum Acceptable Speed:   inches/minute


Screw Material:   Alloy Steel     Stainless Steel     Other: 
Screw Loaded in:   Tension     Compression     Both
Lead Accuracy:   ± .004"/ft. (Rolled)     ± .002"/ft. (Milled)     ± .0005"/ft.(Ground)
Machined Ends: 
End Fixity:   Fixed/Free     Simple/Simple     Fixed/Simple     Fixed/Fixed
Ezze-Mount™:   Double Bearing/Double Bearing     Double Bearing/Single Bearing
Nut Material:   Nook Bronze     Plastic     Other: 
Acme Nut Interface:   Standard     No-Lash     Anti-Backlash (Sizes 1/4" - 5/8")

Application Details

Please briefly describe the application. State as many details as possible.

Contact Information

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The information given is for the Helix Linear Technologies Engineering to assist the user.
It is the responsibility of the product user to determine the suitability of Helix Linear Technologies products for a specific application.