Lead Screw Grease - Static Dissipative Grease -3.5G

Part Number Lead Screw Grease - Static Dissipative Grease -3.5G
Application Use Electronics, Semiconductor

Base Price:

$112.75 ea.


SSG-3.5G - Semiconductor/Static Dissipative Grease - Lead Screw and Acme Screw Lubricant


Application Use Electronics, Semiconductor
NLGI Grade Number
Base Oil - Apparent Viscosity
Product Volume 3.5 Grams
Base Oil - Pour Point, C -75 (Testing Method - ASTM D-97)
Base Oil - Viscosity Index 345 (Testing Method - ASTM D-2270)
Base Oil - Flashpoint, C:
Thickener PTFE
Base Oil - Kinematic Viscosity, -40 C 2300 cSt (Testing Method - ASTM D-445)
Base Oil Type Perfluoropolyether
Recommended Service Range (C) -65 to 250
SRV, Step Load 100N (Testing Method - ASTM D-5706)
Evaporation 0.02
4 Ball Wear
Low Temp Torque 236 g/cm
Weld Load 620
Oil Separation 5.8 (Testing Method - ASTM D-6184)
Penetration (1/10mm) 1.5 (Testing Method - ASTM D-217)
Penetration (100/10mm) - Unworked 255 (Testing Method - ASTM D-217)
Penetration (1/10mm) - Worked 60X 273 (Testing Method - ASTM D-217)
Dropping Point
Load Wear Index
Color Appearance White, Smooth
Density 1.91 g/cm³