Benefits of American-Made: Nook Industries/HELIX Linear Technologies

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In a global economy, product developers have many options for sourcing the manufacturing of linear motion control systems and engineered components. While some manufacturers have outsourced actuator work overseas, an increasing number are reaping the benefits of working with a state-of-the-art US-based manufacturing facility, such as those operated by Nook Industries and its HELIX™ Linear Technologies subsidiary.

Realize the Benefits of American-Made with Nook Industries/HELIX Linear Technologies

The benefits of American-made manufacturing and innovation — which are driving the recent resurgence in US manufacturing — go far beyond a sense of patriotism and involve a range of real business advantages that will enhance your competitiveness and improve your bottom line.

  • 141 New precision miniature screw sizes ranging from 1/8" - 1.0" in diameter
  • 1,128 New nuts
  • PTFE coating
  • Made in USA

Enhanced Sustainability

First and foremost, working with an American-based manufacturer like Nook Industries and HELIX is more sustainable and supports efforts to maintain a lean approach to manufacturing. American-made manufacturing simply reduces waste related to just about every phase of your business, including materials, time, motion, effort, inventory, transportation, and a host of other expenses associated with working with an offshore manufacturer. You can make your manufacturing leaner and more sustainable by working with a US-based partner.

Improved Logistics

American-made manufacturing also substantially improves your logistical operations. Lengthy lead times, delayed deliveries, and extended shipping schedules are part and parcel of doing business overseas. When you work with a US-based manufacturer like Nook Industries and HELIX Linear, you will not only enhance sustainability by sourcing goods and services locally, but also save time and money on delivery.

Higher Quality

By choosing Helix Linear as your linear motion product partner, you will enjoy better quality in goods and services across the board. American-based manufacturers such as Nook Industries adhere to higher safety and quality standards that improve the quality and effectiveness of engineering services, engineered components, and manufactured systems.  Nook Industries and HELIX are both ISO 9000 certified. Both organizations are committed to managing high standards for quality for both the products they manufacture and the processes they use during production.

Better Service

Customer service is better and more responsive when working with a US-based manufacturer. Beyond not having to wonder what time it is on the other side of the world, working with an American manufacturer is simpler and easier because we speak the same language. Miscommunications and misunderstandings involving translation errors don’t exist. By working with a manufacturer in the US like Nook Industries and HELIX, you can rest assured that the same quality standards applied to the production of linear motion control systems will govern the customer service and support that you’ll receive.

Shared Prosperity

Lastly, by working with an American manufacturer like Nook Industries and HELIX Linear, you will contribute to the shared prosperity that will drive innovation and grow your business. When you do business with a US-based manufacturer, you are helping to stimulate economic growth and create and maintain jobs. This shared prosperity will produce the economic activity that your end customers need to buy your products. In short, by choosing to partner with an American manufacturer you are actually helping yourself.

HELIX Can Deliver the Benefits of American-Made Manufacturing

Working with an American-made manufacturer like Nook Industries and its HELIX Linear Technologies subsidiary for your linear motion control needs can deliver a range of value-added benefits. The HELIX manufacturing facility operates state-of-the-art injection-molding presses, production equipment, and the largest array of thread rolling equipment in the industry. HELIX provides the comprehensive capabilities required to meet your unique motion control needs, as well as the benefits of US-based manufacturer. 

To learn more about how HELIX can help you overcome your linear motion challenges and supply the benefits of American-made manufacturing, download a copy of the newest HELIX catalog: CLICK HERE


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