Helix Linear Technologies Releases NEW Lead Screw Catalog

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

The first edition of the Helix Linear Technologies Catalog provides valuable information regarding the world’s most comprehensive line of precision lead screws.


A wholly owned subsidiary of linear motion control leader Nook Industries, Helix Linear Technologies offers the precision miniature screws and assemblies that are driving many of today’s most challenging linear actuation applications, particularly in the development of new medical devices.

Under the direct supervision of CEO Christopher Nook, Helix Linear Technologies operates in a new 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Beachwood, Ohio.  With state-of-the-art injection-molding presses, production equipment, and the largest array of thread rolling equipment in the industry, Helix Linear Technologies provides comprehensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, which have culminated in the advanced, precision-engineered products that are featured in the Helix Linear Technologies Catalog.

“The Helix Linear Technologies product line represents the most exciting release of a new product line at Nook Industries in over 40 years,” Nook says. “Our teams of engineers and production experts have created the most comprehensive line of precision lead screws in the world.  The Helix Linear Technologies Catalog is a valuable resource for design engineers who need to tap into the recent advances in screw technology to drive linear motion applications.  Whether to gather information on a standard acme screw configuration or to work with our engineering team to create customized solutions, the catalog will help design engineers take advantage of a new generation of precision screw technology.”

Wide Range of Expertly Engineered Products

Drawing from the many years of experience and the deep technical expertise of Nook Industries, Helix Linear Technologies combines proven designs with the latest manufacturing technologies to produce the broadest product line of any precision screw manufacturer globally.  The Helix Linear Technologies Catalog includes 141 new precision miniature screw sizes—including precision rolled, milled, or ground screws—in diameters ranging from 1⁄8” to 6", or 3mm to 150mm, and leads from 0.024" to 3", or 3mm to 75mm.

The company manufactures precision screws by thread rolling, thread milling, or thread grinding. Helix Linear Technologies lead and acme screw products feature centralizing and custom thread forms for smooth, wedge-free performance.

  • Thread Rolling – Helix Linear Technologies offers the largest selection of rolled screw sizes in the industry.  Rolled thread screws are precise, cost-effective, and stocked for quick delivery.
  • Thread Milling – Milled screws allow more variety in journal machining, particularly when a design requires the journal O.D. to be larger than the screw major diameter.
  • Thread Grinding – Ground thread screws offer higher lead accuracy for applications for which positioning tolerances are extremely critical.

Helix also offers a complete line of nuts—including 1,128 new nut designs—in standard and anti-backlash configurations with centralizing threads to match its precision screws.  Helix Linear Technologies lead and acme screw assemblies have the lowest backlash of any nut on the market.

  • Bronze, Acme & Trapezoidal Nuts – Special high-tensile bronze is used for smooth-running, wedge-free bronze nuts.
    • Material: Bronze
    • Tensile Yield: 50,000 psi
    • Tensile Ultimate: 65,000 psi
    • Hardness: HB75
    • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction: 0.125 with Helix Linear Technologies Lubricant
  • Plastic, Acme & Trapezoidal Nuts – The high strength and inherent lubricity of Helix proprietary plastic nut material can result in product life that can equal or exceed conventional nut materials.
    • Material: Helix Linear Technologies ACETAL/PTFE blend
    • Tensile Strength @70°F: 8,000 psi
    • Compressive Strength @70°F: 16,000 psi
    • PV Limit: 2,700 lubricated
    • Coefficient of Friction: 0.10 lubricated

Your Source for Precision Lead Screw Information

The Helix Catalog also provides informative application examples, diagrams, and a comprehensive glossary of technical terms, giving you the information that you need to apply precision screw technology to solve your linear motion challenges.  The catalog is also structured in four easy-to-find sections for quick reference:

  • Inch Screws – Standard Nuts
  • Metric Screws – Standard Nuts
  • Inch Screws – Anti-Backlash Nuts
  • Metric Screws – Anti-Backlash Nuts

Find Your Precision Lead Screw Solutions in the Helix Linear Technologies Catalog

The Helix Linear Technologies Catalog includes the new precision miniature screw products that can help you stay competitive in and meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace.  In addition to standard, stocked products, Helix Linear Technologies can work with you to develop customized solutions for your most complex linear motion challenges.

To learn more about the world’s most comprehensive line of precision lead and acme screws, download a copy of the Helix Linear Technologies catalog:HERE.


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