Introducing the New Helix Miniature Linear Guide Product Line

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

What do you get when compact design meets flexibility? The all new Helix Miniature Linear Guide. This new family of linear guidance products offers the precision and accuracy that design engineers and product developers yearn for, with the flexibility that they can’t get from other linear guidance systems.

Specifically, this new product line consists of an innovative embedded inverse hook design. It’s designed to tightly secure block components, which in turn helps them to better handle impact forces better than competing technologies as they work to distribute stress over a larger area of the system. As you might imagine, this also helps to improve high speed running capability.
As you know, linear guidance plays a big role in the world of linear motion, in industries ranging from medical, to industrial (i.e. machine tools) to electronics and consumer products. Linear guidance systems offer accurate positioning, are often high speed and energy saving and can maintain this aforementioned accuracy for long periods of time in their respective applications.
Additional benefits of a linear guidance system include the fact that they are generally inexpensive to assemble and can operate at a minimal running cost. And now Helix has released a new family of products that offer all of the same great benefits mentioned above - on a miniature scale.

So just what are some of the additional features and benefits that make Helix Miniature Linear Guides a go-to product for your linear motion application? Here’s a look at how this new product line from Helix can give your application the competitive advantage that’s so crucial in today’s competitive marketplace:

  • Unique design: These miniature guides consists of a ball re-circulating design along with an innovative embedded inverse hook design, which helps to greatly reduce noise while at the same time extend life, reduce maintenance and improve high speed running capability.

  • Reinforced plates: The HMR-EE series stainless steel reinforced plates help to make this product line robust and enable the operation of high running speeds.

  • Lubrication: Included in the design is an embedded lubrication pad, which works to oil balls, the raceway and provides a plethora of options for machine design.

  • Greater surface contact: This feature allows the miniature guides to work with high load and high moment capacity when compared to competing products.

  • Dust-proof: We already told you about how this new product line from Helix reduces maintenance - and its dust-free offering only furthers that benefit. They are designed so that dust contamination is restricted, thereby enabling prolonged life.

Linear guidance was conceptualized as early as prehistoric times as a means of transporting stones more effectively and efficiently. The rolling element that today’s guides employ can actually be traced back to ancient Egypt, as workers used logs to lift and transport heavy cargo in a way that mirrors the use of today’s linear guidance technology. Needless to say, linear guides have come a long way and really took off in terms of innovation and development in the 20th century as linear motion bearings began employing steel balls for small and accelerated movement. Development and improvement to existing designs persisted into the 1900s, with each generation of innovation improving upon the last.

Now Helix is pleased to present its new Miniature Linear Guide product line, a next-generation family of product that can aid precision applications unlike anything else available in the marketplace. The unique design and flexibility of this product line can take your linear motion application to the next level.

Visit Helix’s website to configure a product specific to your application requirements, download and analyze 3D models and drawings, view product specifications and use this wealth of information to help you decide on the right Helix Miniature Linear Guide for your application.


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