Nook Industries Establishes HELIX™ Linear Technologies

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

Nook Industries, a leading manufacturer of linear motion control systems and components, today announced the formation of HELIX Linear Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary and production facility that dramatically expands the capacity and medical industry focus of the company’s lead screw operations.


Nook Industries – HELIX™ Linear Technologies

Beachwood's Commerce Park

Under the direct supervision of CEO Christopher Nook, HELIX has relocated to a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility at 23200 Commerce Park Drive in Beachwood, Ohio. The new subsidiary adds state-of-the-art injection-molding presses, production equipment, and the largest array of thread rolling equipment in the industry, giving HELIX comprehensive capabilities for servicing the unique motion control needs of industrial applications and expanding Nook’s overall manufacturing capacity. Nook has committed key technical and production personnel to the new subsidiary.

Finding the Niche

“HELIX Linear Technologies was established to address the growing opportunities for small-diameter, high-precision lead screws, which are used in many applications, including existing and emerging medical diagnostic equipment applications,” Nook says. “Our current business and new opportunities are growing at such a rapid pace that we need a separate facility and brand to develop and market the new products and capabilities that are necessary to meet increasing demand.”

Providing the Precision Needed for Medical Equipment

The products that HELIX will produce are critical components in many types of medical equipment, such as syringe pumps, blood analysis/testing equipment, and x-y-z-coordinate-based pick-and-place laboratory machines. Unlike industrial linear control systems, many medical applications require cleaner, more precise, lubricant-free linear control solutions, which rely on custom plastics and molded materials. The new division, brand, and injection-molding capabilities provide Nook with the dedicated focus required to become a leading supplier to the medical equipment field.

HELIX allows Nook Industries to use our linear motion know-how, additional capacity, and new capabilities to serve emerging markets like medical diagnostic equipment manufacturing and innovate new products in a concerted, focused manner,” Nook stresses. “This manufacturing expansion is an important strategy for achieving continued, future growth.”


(Pictured above from left to right: Custom Turcite® nuts, standard acme screw assemblies with nickel or chrome plating and custom preloaded nut solutions.)

Ready to Go!

Renovation of the Beachwood facility and installation of new injection-molding equipment took place over the past few months. HELIX Linear Technologies is now fully functional and beginning production operations.

About Nook Industries

Nook Industries is a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems that are used globally in a wide range of applications demanding controlled motion. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Nook is an ISO 9001-2008 Registered Company that is committed to quality, emphasizing continuous improvement and customer success. Nook products are used by companies serving a wide range of industries, including: military/defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, semiconductor, medical/diagnostic, automotive, transportation/tire, metal processing, chemical, food/beverage, forestry, packaging, paper, factory automation, tooling/fixturing, converting, and instrumentation/analysis. For additional information, visit the Nook website at or call 1-800-321-7800.

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