Mitigating Supply Chain Risk for Critical Linear Motion Components

Dave Arguin by Dave Arguin

What is the cost of not having an alternative source for linear motion components critical to your operation?


How long can your company afford to be line-down?

Is that a risk you're willing to take?

To say the supply chain has become delicate is an understatement. Most businesses are taking heavy hits on their reporting metrics, especially inventory turns. It is astounding to see the number of operations relying on single sources for essential parts. Resistance to qualify additional suppliers has led to higher costs, longer lead times, and the need to purchase and hold extremely high inventory levels. Thes additional costs ultimately get passed through to your customers. Higher prices, coupled with longer wait times, do not equate to happy clients.

Helix Linear Technologies offers drop-in replacements that are backward compatible with your current design, equivalent in form, fit, and function.

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