Completely Customize Your Lead Screw Design with Helix Linear Technologies

Christopher Nook by Christopher Nook

Helix Linear Technologies designs and manufactures custom lead screws and Acme screws in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, alloy, titanium, and aluminum.


We manufacture these precision products using thread rolling, thread milling, and thread grinding techniques depending on your specific needs. In addition, Helix Linear Technologies Acme screws feature centralizing thread forms for smooth, no-wedging performance.

Building custom solutions is an integral part of our business. We combine our lead screws and nuts with additional high-performance components to build custom lead screw assemblies, linear actuators and linear guides specific to your application.

Diameter Range 1.6 mm – 75 mm
Lead Range 0.3 mm – 75 mm
Lead Accuracy 0.0003 mm/mm Standard, 0.0001 mm/mm Precision
Screw Materials Stainless steel, Alloy, Titanium, Aluminum
Coatings Helix H10X™ Teflon PTFE, Ceramic, Anodize, Zinc Plating
Thread Forms Acme, Modified Acme, Trapezoidal, V Thread, Custom
Specialty Screws Hollow Screws, Telescoping Screws, Injection Molded Screws


Custom end machining is available on all lead screws. Journals, keyways, flats, centers, snap ring grooves, and counter-bores are some common examples of the end machining we provide.


Still don't see what you're looking for? Then, send us your specifications and our application engineers will work with you to configure a custom lead screw solution that meets your project requirements. 

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