Linear Actuators - When DIY Turns into Why

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We have all been there – you saw a great idea and thought “I can do that”. Whether it was a repair on your car, a landscaping project in your backyard, or even a craft idea for your house, we have all had a DIY project go wrong.


We have all been there – you saw a great idea and thought, “I can do that.” Whether it was a repair on your car, a landscaping project in your backyard, or even a craft idea for your house, we have all had projects go wrong. 

The same principles apply to linear motion applications. You have the information requirements for your application, so configuring your linear actuator should be easy – right? Maybe not.

You go online and start picking pieces for your prototype. Your pieces arrive and you begin to assemble. You may end up with something that resembles your initial concept, but then the issues arise.  Why aren't the parts compatible? Why doesn't your lead screw turn? Why is there vibration? Why can’t I just buy a linear actuation system that is ready to use?

Helix Linear Technologies has the answer for you. Rather than design, purchase the components and assemble, our customers find that the convenience and cost-savings of using our assembled, tested, and ready-to-use actuators are the most economical and time-sensitive approach to automation.

Our Micro Precision Linear Actuators are the building blocks for your linear actuation application. Offered in three different product styles, each option includes a precision lead screw assembly housed in durable aluminum extrusion.

  • CPA (Coupled Precision Actuator)
  • IPA (Integrated Precision Actuator)
  • SPA (Simple Precision Actuator)

Helix uses a stepper motor specially manufactured to your specifications and is available with different winding configurations. The motors have oversized deep-groove ball bearings that are shimmed to eliminate motor backlash and provide maximum thrust. Micro Precision Linear Actuators are available in three motor frame sizes NEMA 14, 17, and 23, and double or triple stack options. The actuators include self-supporting, precision extruded aluminum and are available with optional profile rail outrigger guidance to enhance stiffness for moment or offset loads. Built-in t-slots allow for convenient support and easy mounting of accessories like mounting brackets, limit switches, and cable carriers. 

Smoothness is ensured by a precision rolled, PTFE-coated, motor-mounted lead screw that is factory matched to Helix’s lead nut. Lead nuts are injection molded out of a proprietary blend of polymers that provide years of life and exceptional smoothness of operation in the most demanding environments. Helix lead screws and lead screw nuts are manufactured to a centralizing modified thread profile that prevents wedging, passes contamination, and provides the lowest coefficient of friction. This versatile product comes standard in seven leads with optional anti-backlash lead nuts.  Or if standard options don't meet your needs, you can work with a linear motion expert to customize the perfect solution for your application.

Have your own motor? We can work with that too! Helix Linear also offers a motor-ready simple precision actuator with standard motor mounts and couplings giving you the flexibility to attach the motor of your choice. We even provide options with shaft extensions to mount pulleys, knobs or handwheels.

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