Meet Daniel Engel, Swiss Setup Operator

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Meet Daniel Engel, a Swiss Setup Operator at Helix Linear Technologies.


Meet Daniel Engel, a Swiss Setup Operator at Helix Linear Technologies.


As a Swiss Setup Operator, Dan is on the go from the moment he walks into work until he leaves. Dan troubleshoots and performs maintenance on numerous specialty machines on our production floor. Aside from his regular job duties, he also mentors other teammates and trainees.


"I am the fixer," Dan said. "When people get into a jam or run into an issue, that's where I come in." He goes above and beyond to troubleshoot technical issues, keep machines running at their highest level of performance, reduce production cycle times, and work through challenges as they arise. Dan is also constantly learning in his position. He believes that the more you listen to others, the more you'll learn from them.


"I've gotten really good at my job by getting to help people in multiple areas of the shop and applying what I've learned from them.


When Dan mentors new team members, he always advises them to pay close attention. 


"Be a good student and take notes," Dan says. "Always be prepared and open to learning new things while being respectful to those you are learning from."


Dan looks forward to continuing to train our ever-expanding group of production team members and keeping us as efficient as possible in the Swiss department.


Fun Fact – When Dan is not working and helping others, he loves running and working out. He is currently training to run the Cleveland Marathon at the end of October, and we can't wait to hear about him crossing the finish line!


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