Meet Dave Farris, Swiss Programmer

Zhane Isom by Zhane Isom

As a Swiss Programmer, it's Dave's job to review production blueprints and program/design the process to machine the parts according to the print specifications. Dave has worked at Helix Linear for three years and has learned a great deal about the linear motion industry the associated products during his time here.


"I have gained incredible amounts of knowledge regarding the manufacturing of precision linear actuators and lead screws, which is Helix Linear Technologies bread and butter," Dave said.


When we asked Dave why he chose a career with Helix Linear, he said:


"I love the constant evolution we undergo from a process standpoint. We work hard to keep up with the latest industry trends and customer demands. We're continuously evaluating and revising our process for maximum output balanced with exceptional quality." David said. 


However, when David encounters challenges, he looks at these issues as opportunities to grown and learn, especially when he comes across complicated products to produce.


"When I come across a challenging component to machine, I get to explore new and different ways of processing it," David explained. 


As Helix Linear Technologies continues to grow, Dave looks forward to growing and evolving with it. His future goals with the company involve training in Swiss software coding.


"I currently do all of my Swiss programming by hand, which is a good way to start," David said. "It's all math which I enjoy, and I'm good with a calculator, but I have always wanted to learn how to code the software. So I look forward to delving into that aspect of this job."


Fun Fact – When David is not programming Swiss machines, you'll catch him attending car shows, working out, or doing martial arts. David also owns two beautiful show cars, a 1967 Cutlass and a 1971 Monte Carlo!