Meet Helix Team Member Jaime Young

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Meet Jamie Young, a Grinder and Thread Roller at Helix Linear Technologies.


Jamie precision grinds bar stock down to size, preparing it for the thread rolling process. He then takes the ground material and further processes it with a precision thread form, producing high-quality lead screws and Acme screws manufactured to our customer's specifications.

When Jamie comes into work, he enjoys experiencing the cleanliness of the manufacturing floor and individual workstations. He also appreciates the team atmosphere and the support of the people he works with each day.

"Coming into an immaculately clean manufacturing environment makes a huge difference," Jamie said. "That, and being surrounded by amazing team members. My co-workers love what they do, and it shows," he said.

However, thread rolling didn't always come easy to Jamie. There was a learning curve involving complex mathematics and constant quality control measurements during each job. It took Jamie about six months of training to master the process, and he has continued to add to that knowledge for the past eight years of his career with Helix Linear.

"I have problems with specific jobs sometimes, but it's usually my amazing co-workers that help out. We combine our knowledge, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues as a team," Jamie said. 

When we asked Jamie what advice he would give to someone starting out in a thread rolling career, he said:

"Always pay attention. Listen when someone is teaching and make sure that all of your tools, calipers, and micrometers are correct," Jamie said.

Jamie looks forward to continuing his thread rolling career with Helix Linear Technologies and training and learning more about other departments.

Fun Fact – Jamie is a music lover. When he's not busy rolling lead screws for our customers, you'll find him hanging out with family or attending concerts. His favorite show thus far was the band Dream Theater. 


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