Meet Jose Colon Jr., Setup Operator

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Meet Jose Colon Jr., a Setup Operator at Helix Linear Technologies.


Meet Jose Colon Jr., a Setup Operator at Helix Linear Technologies.


As a Setup Operator, Jose receives and reviews job packets for project production and ensures that the designated machine can adequately accommodate the assigned work. He then machines the initial part and inspects the product to verify that full production can begin.


Jose enjoys many aspects of his career at Helix Linear Technologies, including the people and the variety of work. However, his favorite thing to work on is challenging, highly complex setups.  


 "The more complicated, the better. I think of each job as a difficult puzzle to solve," Jose said.


Jose has been part of the Helix Linear Technologies team for the past three years, but brings more than thirty years of experience to his position. He considers observation to be one of the essential aspects of his success. 


"Observe others, learn their best practices, then apply that knowledge in your own work," Jose said. "Also, observe what others do incorrectly so you can learn from those experiences and not repeat them."


Jose is excited to be part of such a dynamic team and contribute to the company's considerable growth.  


"I look forward to being part of what happens next," he said.


Fun Fact – When Jose is not taking on challenging tasks at work, he likes to relax, play games, and coach baseball. He is a former college and little league baseball coach! 


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