Meet Swiss Set-Up Operator, Grant Carson

Zhane Isom by Zhane Isom

Meet Grant Carson, a Swiss Setup Operator at Helix Linear Technologies.


Before becoming a Swiss Setup Operator, Grant started as Value Stream Manager in the medical industry. Along the way, he learned an incredible amount about Swiss machine operation and setup. So he decided to make a career change to take advantage of that knowledge and joined the Helix Linear team four years ago.


"On a typical day, I program and set up Swiss machines, making sure everything runs smoothly and that the machines are functioning the way they should," Grant said.


One of the things Grant loves the most about working at Helix Linear is the receptiveness of the management team. They welcome any employee's ideas, thoughts, and opinions and consider them when making decisions.  


"I like the way our management team genuinely listens to each person and allows us to organize the department in a way that optimizes our production and quality," he said. 


Even though Grant has been in the manufacturing industry for thirty years, his time with Helix Linear Technologies has allowed him to learn continuously.  


"I have acquired skills in multiple aspects of manufacturing that I did not know before working here," Grant said. "Specifically thread rolling -- learning that was a big plus!"


When asked what makes him successful in his position as a Swiss Setup Operator, this is what he had to say:


"I'm open-minded, and I take very detailed notes," Grant said. "As long as you do those two things, you will have a great experience as a Swiss Setup Operator."


Grant has enjoyed growing with Helix Linear Technologies. It's evolved and changed as the years have passed, and he is excited about his future with the company. 


"I have been here four years, and it's completely different from when I started," Grant said. "Watching the company get to the next level is what I am looking forward to."


Fun Fact – When Grant is not working, you can find him building lasers and doing laser shows. Years ago, he designed and programmed laser shows for big raves in Cleveland and San Francisco. He continues his hobby but now does laser shows purely for fun.