Helix offers customized products manufactured to adhere to food handling regulations, withstand demanding application environments, and improve efficiency and throughput.

Helix Linear Technologies provides optimal linear motion solutions to the food and beverage industry in milling, baking, food processing, chilling, coffee and tea production, distilling, food-handling, and product packaging applications. Our high-efficiency linear motion products provide increased throughput with smooth, clean, quiet functionality. In addition, we can manufacture products using food-grade materials designed to withstand harsh food production environments, such as sugar and acid exposure and stringent cleaning processes.

Food and beverage applications integrating Helix linear motion products include:

Automated Assembly Lines 

Essential to high-yield food and beverage production, automation increases efficiency, improves product quality, eliminates contamination, and reduces the risk of injury by removing workers from dangerous operations. 

Conveyor Belt Systems 

Conveyor belt systems move food and beverages from one station to the next at multiple points in the production process. 

Food and Beverage Handling

Automated processes like milling, cutting, grinding, mixing, and bottle filling incorporates linear motion components to transform raw agricultural materials into consumer-ready food and beverage products.

View our coffee machine case study HERE.

Distillery Machines 

In beverage production, machinery incorporating automated linear motion technology includes boilers, chillers, fermenters, distillers, and precise fluid handling capabilities.

Industrial Oven/Baking and Industrial Chilling Processes

Industrial baking and chilling systems utilize batch automation technology with linear motion products that can be designed to withstand heat, cold, and frequent temperature fluctuations.

Food and Beverage Packaging

Used in palletizing, sealing, wrapping, coding, and labeling applications, linear motion systems from Helix Linear Technologies provide quiet, efficient movement with long operational life cycles and low maintenance costs. 

Diverters and Extruders 

Helix Linear Technologies provides accurate motion control solutions for slide gates, diverters, extruders, loading spouts, fluid handling, and bottling applications.

Automated Sanitizing Systems

Washdown and automated sanitation systems require components manufactured with specific chemical resistance to withstand strict sanitation procedures.

Developing custom linear motion solutions for the food and beverage industry has given our customers the ability to reach maximum long-term productivity. Call Helix today to optimize your food-processing machines by integrating our engineered linear motion components.


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