Increases in customer demand within this industry continue to power the need for the most reliable lead screw and linear actuator products to be integrated into packaging applications.

Ever-increasing customer demand within the packaging industry continues to power the need for the most reliable lead screw and linear actuation products. Tailored to solve the most complex linear motion challenges, products from Helix Linear are used in a multitude of packaging applications -- from filling and measuring to wrapping and labeling.


Increase Packaging Machine Flexibility with Our Linear Motion Products


Helix Linear Technologies supplies a complete line of the lead screw-driven electric linear actuators that have become critical in providing heightened flexibility, cost control, and repeatable performance required of today's packaging machine designs. With lead screw-driven electric actuators, you'll gain enhanced configurability, precise positioning, and the increased productivity necessary to have your packaging systems succeed in an increasingly competitive market.


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The Helix Linear Technologies Actuator Advantage


Lead screws coupled with electric linear actuators provide several key solution advantages that can help you increase overall productivity, repeatability, precision placement, and packaging customization. The advantages include:


· Speed

· Flexibility

· Programmable positioning

· Precision control

· Simple setups

· Reliable performance

· Clean, maintenance-free operation

· Reduced noise

· Low energy consumption


Helix Linear actuators can be customized to your specific application and are designed to keep up with market demands for changing product sizes, container shapes, and packaging styles, and they are also fully programmable. Most packaging applications have a zero tolerance for errors. Our linear actuators can be programmed to provide feedback to the controllers, delivering fast, constant verification during the packaging process to help your production line decrease errors and improve uptime.


Packaging Applications


Box/Carton Packing Machines

With the aid of lead screws and linear actuators from Helix Linear, box and carton packaging machines work to box items preparing them for shipping.


Labeling Machines

Used to dispensing, printing, and applying product labels and shipping labels, precision lead screws, and acme screws allow accurate positioning and repeatability.



Palletizers automatically for sorting, transfer, and stack cases of goods onto pallets at the end of a manufacturing line, preparing goods for high-volume shipping or storage.


Filling Machines

Precise, repeatable, and efficient filling machines handle fluids, semi-solids, and solids dispensing accurate amounts of product into designated packaging.


Measuring Machines and Scales

Used in precision measurements of individual products, measurement machines are also an essential part of the shipping line providing accurate weights for shipping calculations.


Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packaging machines remove air from a package before sealing it to extend product shelf-life


Case Packers

For case packers to move with precision and automatically set up trays and load products, they utilize linear motion products, including lead screws and linear actuators.


Multipackage Infeed Machines

Multipackage infeed machines pack multiple products inside a box or case. This piece of equipment can pack multiples of one product or select different products to be included in the case.


Bag Inserters 

Bag inserters use lead screws and linear actuators to allow more speed and control when lining the case with the plastic bag.


Wrapping Applications


Flow Wrapping Machines

Linear actuators help flow wrapping machines move at high speed to wrap individual products in a protective seal and package loose products for retail display.


Over Wrapping Machines

An overwrapping machine, often used to seal fresh foods, reduces potential contamination and ensures long-term freshness. Over wrappers, stretch film over a tray or product, and then heat seal the wrapped ends.


Shrink Wrapping Machines 

Shrink-wrap machines apply shrink film to a product and then heat the film, shrinking it for a precise fit.


Stretch Wrap Machines 

Stretch wrap machines stretch plastic film to wrap individual products, cases, or pallets, preparing them for transport and warehousing.


Our customized linear motion products optimize our packaging customers' packaging processes to reach maximum productivity and product output. Ready to learn more?